Photo of a Cavoodle dog at Shaw Wines on a Canberra winery tour in Murrumbateman

Top 11 pet-friendly Murrumbateman wineries’ cellar doors

Murrumbateman is home to some of Australia’s finest wineries, where you can taste a wide range of award-winning wines made from locally grown grapes. The cool climate of the region creates a unique terroir, resulting in wines that are elegant, complex, and full of flavor. Whether you prefer red or white, sweet or dry, there’s something for every palate in Canberra’s wineries. Many wineries also offer tours of their vineyards and cellars, providing an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process and the history of the region. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational day out, head to Murrumbateman for some of the best wine tasting experiences in Australia.

If you haven’t already, you can see the full list of Murrumbateman wineries with cellar doors here, all with the latest live reviews and photos in one convenient place.

In assessing which wineries’ cellar doors are most pet-friendly, they have been rated based on:

  1. where the pets will be located,
  2. your proximity to them whilst wine tasting, 
  3. shade, and
  4. presence of heaters.

The latter because of how cold open areas can become during peak weather seasons in the cool-climate Canberra region. Almost none have fans during summer, but there is often shade and drinking water available.

Don’t forget that Merry Heart CBR is pet-friendly on all private tours.
All assistance dogs are obviously welcome on any of the tours.

Because of food regulatory requirements, most wineries’ cellar doors can not allow pets indoors and this is something outside of their control. 

The below rating are based solely on pet-friendliness. Not the quality of wines or other factors. Cellar Doors have been contacted for comment.

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Murrumbateman Winery - 5/5


Image credit:

Murrumbateman winery is one of the most pet-friendly wineries in Murrumbateman. Dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating area. So you can sit outdoors to have tastings and cheese platters with your pet. It is a tent-like area with heaters so you’re all cosy with a glass in one hand and the other petting your dog. 

There are also friendly vineyard doggos who often come to welcome the visitors. On that note, make sure your dog is friendly.

Murrumbateman Winery also has a “Mollie Sav Blanc” label named after the winery dog Mollie –a part of the proceeds from those sales go to ACT RSPCA.


The Vintner’s Daughter - 5/5


Image credit:

Pets are most welcome here. 
They can sit with you outside in the verandah overlooking the vineyard, with heaters (pictured).

Have I mentioned that they also run farm tours?

Clonakilla - 5/5

Clonakilla Wines outdoor area heaters

Photo of Clonakilla Wines outdoors area

Wine tastings are held both indoors and outdoors. In the outdoors seating area (pictured, to the right), you can have your pet with you. There are overhead heaters and PVC blinds on the sides for when it’s raining. 

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Dionysus Winery 5/5


Photo of Dionysus winery outdoor area


Here, you can have your tastings with your pet outdoors. There is some cover from the rain and also heaters.

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Eden Road Wines - 4/5

Dog on leash outside at Eden Road WineryYour pet can join you in the seating area outside whilst wine tasting. There is a shade sail to protect from the rain, but there are no heaters observed.

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Jeir Creek Wines - 4/5


Outdoor area at Jeir Creek Winery
Dogs sleeping at Jeir Creek Cellar Door
Recent photo of cosy dogs napping at the winery
Wine tastings can be held outdoors also so you can stay next to your pet in the shaded area. No heaters observed.


Four Winds Vineyard - 4/5


Four Winds Vineyard outdoor seating area


Your pet can join you in the large covered seating area outdoors whilst wine tasting. There are also winery lunches, such as pizzas and build-your-own charcuterie board deli fridge – so expect their gorgeous eyes to shine. No heaters observed, but there are plenty of blankets and cushions to ensure that the guests are as cosy as possible.

McKellar Ridge Wines - 4/5



Image credit:

Dogs can stay outdoors, where tastings could also be held. There are outdoor pergolas providing shade, but no heaters.

Yarrh Wines - 4/5


Image credit:×608.jpg

Dogs are allowed in the covered outdoors area, where you can join them for tastings. There are no heaters outdoors.

Shaw Wines - 3/5

Dog outdoors at Shaw Wines


Second image credit:

All wine tastings are held indoors.

Dogs must be on leash in the Outdoor Terrace, but you can still have a glass of wine and a vineyard platter in the terrace. No heaters observed. 


So, you might want to first take your pet to the non-tasting Outdoor Terrace, go back inside for the tastings whilst keeping an eye out through the glass, and then go back and join them in the Outdoor Terrace with a glass in hand. They will be very excited to be physically close to you again.

Helm Wines - 3/5

Covered dog area at Helm Wines

Dog on leash outside at Helm Wines



Wine tastings here are usually held inside the small 1888 Toual Public School House (pictured on a recent wineries tour). Your pets must be left outside on leash. As it is a small setting, there is not much distance from you and your pet, but you are still seperated.
There is some cover from the rain as can be seen in the photos, but no heaters.

Long Rail Gully (temporarily closed) - N/A



Image credit:

To be updated.

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Updated: Tuesday 9 May 2023.

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